Distinguishing quality stainless steel and stainless steel affordable plated

Material Stainless steel is increasingly developing into many, was universally preferred by users shiny form of the material, looks very clean.

not only that, with no installation at consumer case not long, there are no longer shiny, which tarnish, tarnished, or even owning the rust stain and appear as tiny holes blown . On the market now with the stainless steel widespread imitation. Basis of these products to be of steel or iron sheet, galvanized outside with a layer of copper, nickel and chromium thin.

with stainless steel can distinguish “genuine” and stainless steel plating by shine of the material. Plated stainless steel shine possess lightning when inox “genuine” small little bright colors.

however, users can bring the secret trial by consumers magnets. Depending on the composition of the steel products of steel that “genuine” or not smoking during or if with only a slight magnetic attraction, the pull-out force of arms will be very relieved.
Plated stainless steel will have strong absorption, leading to even hear about to have “ripped” as the magnet is attracted to the metal. magnets taking place will see a very strong attractive forces at hand.

the technology also can be used to own around 70 degrees hot acid to check the quality of steel. postulate that will pitch black chromed steel, stainless steel as cheap retain color.

Low quality stainless steel and rare!

Universal also owns steel samples, depending on the concentration of the substance formed. Basically ingredients often with 18% chromium steel, 8% nickel, iron and the rest are other components. Because of the nickel price is expensive, so in some cases, it can replace nickel owned by manganese, besides this substitution made of corrosion resistant materials is very low.

a different kind of stainless steel bearing components also carries 12% chromium properties, but not shiny stainless steel is called for with smoke from. To distinguish quality stainless affordable property or know-how not only unique is the use of machinery to Outlook component, but not be dependent on the acid test, absorption test in about as distinguished plated stainless steel materials.
In industries interior design of steel raw materials are applied as widely used as tables, chairs and some other furniture such as office use that staircase, handrail …

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household items made of poor-quality steel as quickly tarnish, stains or even gray surface explosion. not only that, whether or not the risk of heavy metal poisoning, it only can not assert clearly, but need the validation study.

For materials with stainless steel plating, to produce more cheap range, manufacturers can use the pseudo-plated quality, doping substances or not plated copper layer. the heavy metal material is plated, for as well as on food, long days, ownership can make a heavy metal accumulation in the body, harmful to health and even lead to serious diseases such as liver, cancer, …